On November 3, 2001  I went to the Blue Persian Cat Society’s show at Cheltenham.  Now you may know that I am not Blue, but I was invited to go on exhibition to give a touch of Orange to the show.  I had a very nice cage to sit in, a lot bigger than average and Uncle Ian decorated it in a Victorian style.  It was the 100th birthday of the club you see and there was a Victorian theme to the show.  More interesting than having a nice big decorated pen were the presents of bags of food - delicious!

Look at all the silverware! Plenty of trophies for the Blues.

I thought I would get into the Victorian Atmosphere of the show by wearing my top hat.

Here I am relaxing in my parlor.  I have everything here; a piano, a grandfather clock and a real coal fire. Mind you it does not seem to be giving much heat!

This is a view of my Orange Parlor, you can see that I have a nice orange cushion to sit on.

Look at his Victorian lady inspecting her Blue Persian.

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