My Parents
This is my father, Oscar and as you can see he is a very handsome Black Persian. Since I left home I have been back to see my father and we had a little chat for a while.
This is my mother, Portia, she is a lovely Blue-Cream Persian and taught me everything I know about climbing.

Other Family Members

This is U.S.A. Grand Champion Black Bluff Tinkertoy, my great, great, great Grandfather and one of my favourites as well.
Grand Champion Blue Persian Fleurielle Model-T, Supreme Show Winner, my great, great, great, great Uncle and Dana's great, great, great Grandfather.

From way, way back, my great, great, xxxx, Grandfather Champion Blue Persian Foxburrow Frivolous. He was a super cat who flourished in the 1950's.
Here is Uncle Ian in Peruvian costume playing his guitar. In the morning I like nothing better than to suck his fingers and purr.
Cousin Dana and Tootsie the German Short-haired Pointer are nose to nose. We both get on well with the Pointers, but I still wouldn’t want one as a pet.
Most of my ancestors seem to have been Blue and here is another one, Grand Champion Paddocks Provideo who is my great, great, great, Grandfather.

My Grandfather, Champion Halesown Barnabas Boy, who was known by the pet name of ‘Dylan’.
  Several of my ancestors can be found on the Blue Persian Cat Society’s web site:
Ann-Jen Tasha - my great, great, Grandmother.
Camber Rodney - my great, great, great, great, great, Grandfather.
Cargeos Popinjay - my great, great, great, great, great, great, great, Grandfather.
Marmsbury Ophelia - my great, great, xxxx, Grandmother.
Orion of Pensford - my great, great, great, great, great, Grandfather.
Son o’ Flick - my great, great, xxxx, Grandfather.

This is Aunt Georgina the American Short-hair, who spends a lot of time sleeping these days.

Click above to see the Dana kittens playing on the climbing tree.

Where you can see my family and I in fancy dress.

I have just had a bath and now I am relaxing with the rest of my Persian Family.

Here we all  are on the climbing tree.

I have some new nephews and nieces! Cousin Dana gave birth to four kittens at midnight on June 7/8 2002

These are the four new members of my family; Black ‘Count’ Danilo, Red & White Dennis, Black Daphne and Calico Dvash.

Little Dennis has such an Orange coat and I know his mother keeps him well washed, but I just had to give him a lick as well.

The Little D’s are all looking out of the box now.

Dvash has her arm out of the box now!  Soon someone will escape.

Daphne is climbing out of the box!  She was the first to escape.

Dvash got out as well, but mother was watching and so she still got a good wash.
Here she comes!  Dvash really has a taste for freedom now.

The Orangeness of Dennis is not ready to go out yet, but he just sits and looks Orange.
The ‘Count’.  Danilo is already looking very big and very Black.

The ‘Count’ and Daphne relaxing in the afternoon Sun.
Here is Dennis is sleeping with Deirdre.

It is good to know that these kittens can climb.  Soon I will show them my tree.
I decided that I would take Dennis and Danilo out for a walk one nice afternoon.  They enjoyed their time outdoors very much.

This is my brother, the magical Merlin who won Best of Breed at his very first show this Spring.
I am proud of my nephew Dennis, he is growing into a big boy.

Here is my niece Deirdre who who has grown into a big cat now and she has here very own Heavenly Blue web site.
This is my little niece Dagmar, the Blue Perisan trying to get a drink out of her brother Danilo! Dagmar was born on August 25th and is the newest addition to my family.

Danilo is very proud of his gold Championship medal.

Demetrius is my nephew and here he is on a table in Liverpool. The Liverpool cats did not frighten him, he just got his head down and ate.

This is my great niece Delilah. She is very playful and enjoys playing with her aunts and uncles.
Stone walls do not a prison make, nor wooden bars a cage. My niece Riley, looking rather thoughtful.
This is my great, great nephew Duncan, who likes to stand up on his back legs.
Dean is another of my great, great nephews and he lives with his family in Liverpool.

Here is Duncan on the top of the new luxury climbing tree, with new family member Douglas having some climbing practice.

Dilys the Chocolate Tortoiseshell Point Himalayan is the latest addition to my Orange Family. Although she is not a relative she fits in very well and gets plenty of washing from Delilah.