We Persians know that we are the royalty of the feline world and majestic Grand Champion Sancerro Red Emperor is certainly worthy of his name. Just look at that head! At that fur!
This is U.S.A. Grand Champion Black Bluff Tinkertoy and not only is he one of my heros, but also a family member - my great, great, great Grandfather. Not only that but he is the great, great, great, great grandfather of my friend Dana as well. Black Bluff Tinkertoy sired many a kitten during his illustrious career. I know he was a Blue and not a Red, but you must remember that the best Reds have Blue ancestors.
My favourite tree is the Horse Chestnut. Whenever I go out into the Great Outdoors I head straight for my Horse Chestnut tree and climb high into the branches.

This is Crookshanks, the hero of ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’. I have liked all of the Harry Potter books, but especially enjoyed reading about this very intelligent fluffy Orange cat.

Cuty, the Cream Persian is a very clever cat; he can count, he can recognize objects and seems to know what people are thinking. Maybe if I study hard enough I will be as clever as Cuty.

Here is Orlando the Marmalade Cat going off on ‘A Trip Abroad’. Kathleen Hale wrote about Orlando’s adventures. He certainly is a very nice Orange colour, but with stripes that I just don’t have.

This is what I like to see, a real climbing cat. Canadian Persian Dolly, is enjoying the view from the branches of a Maple tree.

My Four Favourite Famous Cat Lovers

President John Calvin Coolidge - a man who knew what cats liked and would often walk around his White House office with his cat Marmie wrapped around his shoulders.
Scientist Marie Curie, who not only discovered Radium, but also had a feline companion called Didi.
Lord George Byron who was famous for having a cat called Beppo who I believe drank milk from a skull and helped Lord Byron to write many of his poems.
Winston Churchill - possibly the greatest British Prime Minister of the 20th Century. I put his fame all down to his good taste in appreciating a Ginger cat called Jock. Jock would often sit in on war time cabinet meetings.

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