As you can see from the photograph, I am a very handsome Red Persian cat. Technically I am Red, but really I am bright Orange.
There is nothing I like better than climbing. I was born to climb and indoors I have to make do with a climbing tree, but when I get the chance of fresh air I head straight for a magnificent Horse Chestnut tree and up into the branches I go. Although I climb very well I don't really jump - I can if I really have to, but I prefer to climb.

 Dylan in his Tree    Jumping Dylan
Here I am high in the branches of my very own Horse Chestnut tree. When I’m in the branches of a tree I imagine that I am a leopard waiting in ambush to leap down upon an unsuspecting zebra. Of course ‘leaping’ is not really for me, I climb down. I know there are cats that get stuck in trees and my tip for any inexperienced climbers it to reverse down. Never try to go down head first because you will never make it - you will have no grip. Just walk along a branch to the trunk, stand sideways on the branch and then edge onto the trunk to get a good grip with your claws and you will be able to reverse down with no problem.   Just to prove that I can jump, here is a picture of me leaping 3 inches off the ground to catch a toy mouse on an elastic cord. That mouse on a cord was such a good toy, but now I've chewed it to pieces. My favourite toy of all time is my pink ball - I think you will agree with me that the pink ones are the best. I love to chase it and to carry it in my mouth.

I have also won a medal and this is it. I won it for being Best of Breed at the Wessex Cat Club show. I am very pleased with my medal and I wonder if it is solid gold?

This is the latest trophy that I have won.  I won it at the Bristol & District show.
I have been in retirement for a few years, but recently I went to a show again, to the Bristol & District show - the first I ever visited. I had a very good day with my decorated cage complete with my castle and 14 oranges.


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