We all get dressed up for a competition on the Persian Cat web site and I thought that my family looked so good that I have put the pictures here on the Orange World.  The first pictures show Dana and I are dressed as characters from the opera ‘The Magic Flute’ and if you want to know the story of the opera click here.

This is my niece Deirdre in her dress.  Isn’t she cute?
Here I am in my Sarastro costume.
Aunt Georgina as Sleeping Beauty - who else could she be!
Dana is the Queen of the Night.
This is me as Saint George.
The Fifth Musketeer.

I like this outfit, just my style - Emperor Frederick I
My nephew Danilo as Johnny Cash, The Man in Black.

We had a merry time in Sherwood.
A good Scout must always be prepared. I always carry a ball of twine, a silver coin and a set of claws.

And finally Count Danilo as . . . Count Danilo!

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