Orange Box III

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Come on all you Reds, Oranges, Gingers and Tortoiseshells this page is just for you. Being a bright Orange cat myself I am very interested in the promotion of all cats that share my beautiful colour so if you send me your photograph I will include it in the Orange Box.
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A leopard might not be able to change its spots, but a dragon can! This is Positively Yddraig Goch, a handsome Red Self neuter, who started life as a Red Spotted and then lost his spots. I only know a few words of Welsh, but I do know that ‘Yddraig Goch’ means ‘Red Dragon’.

Here’s a cat after my own heart, who loves to climb. Premier Sylojukin Hotspot loves to run up trees and he even catches frogs.
This is Hadfields Reddi, who is called ‘Woo’ by his family. You know when Woo wants to come in because he knocks on the door.
Now, some of you might have noticed that this is not a cat. I met busy, buzzing Brendon Bee while I was in my garden and he was such I nice colour that I asked him if he would like to be on my Orange World. Brendon he said ‘Yezzzz’.
Dairymaine Sundowner is a Maine Coon who loves to jump! The daughter of his owner is a pony fan and builds miniture jumping courses for Sundowner. I don’t think I would do very well on one of those jumping courses.
Callis Girl
Here is a charming Tortoiseshell kitten called Pippakits Callis Girl. She is the daughter of Maggie and Snap and is from the North West of England.
Another Tortoiseshell and another Pippakit kitten, Pippakits Charlotte. Her parents are Pippakits Harelquin Lady and Sancerro Coppernob (who is also featured on the Orange Box).
Hello, hello - we’ve already seen a Copper and now here’s a Bobby! This dazzling Orange Persian is Champion Chandisse Bobby Dazzler and is seen here at the Supreme Show in Birmingham, England.
This is Cardiff’s Calico Christmas cat Daisy sitting by the tree on Christmas Eve.
Jaffa is the name of this Orange Tabby. He is just stretching
out after having won a good few ribbons as the Central Longhaired Cat Club’s show in Stratford upon Avon.
Here is Calico cat Lacy. She used to be a feral cat, living wild, but now she has a comfortable home.


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