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Come on all you Reds, Oranges, Gingers and Tortoiseshells this page is just for you. Being a bright Orange cat myself I am very interested in the promotion of all cats that share my beautiful colour so if you send me your photograph I will include it in the Orange Box.
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 Old McShadow had a kitten . . . . and here he is!  The Orange and White Nutmeg!  McShadow reminds me of my father Oscar and Nutmeg looks like my Dennis.











 Liono is obviously a motor racing fan, I think he drives this car himself.  Orange & White Liono lives in Malaysia with his sporting friend Milo.

This is Orange Milo and he is heading for goal!  This footballing Orange cat lives in Malaysia with his motor racing friend Liono.

Legolas is a very nice Orange & White from Virginia, the home state of my own Georgina.  He is a very great hunter and very feisty.


Champion Trouillord Talked About is also known as ‘Gossip’ and his pet love are ‘Pringles’ in any flavour.
Here is another non cat, just in case you did not notice. Nikki is a fiery Red headed cancer survivor who loves her cats and dogs.  The dog even looks as if he has bits of Orange on him.

This Calico Van is Eowyn.  She is a very stout girl and she is the unstoppable.
Dana type Calico, Galadriel is a most awesome fighter, full of spunk.

Despite coming from Joliet, Illinois, the home of the Blue Brothers, Little Red is Red and proud of it.
Sitting in his famous ‘Buddah’ position is Teddi, a rather large Cream Spotted Scottish Fold.

From the picture you might think Monty is a Lancashire cat, but actually he lives a long way from the Red Rose County.  Monty and his sister Tess, live in Auckland, New Zealand.  Monty loves playing in the rose garden & checking out good hiding places.
Look at all that snow!  I have never seen snow, but Amelie from Graz in Austria is very familiar with it.  I wonder what it is like to walk in snow?

Findus is a big Orange cat!  I think he may be bigger than me.  Findus is named after the character from the books by writer  Sven Nordqvist.
Katy the Calico has a very unusual patter, just a little bit of Ginger and Black on her head and on her tail - the rest of her is pure White.

Arlekin Cosmic Cat from Poland is enjoying his morning excersise.   It is good to see another Persian who enjoys to climb.
This is Macy from Old Virginia.  He really looks just like me, I like to stretch out just like this.

Lovejoy Leporello, also known as Tiger is a very imposing Red Classic Tabby.
This is the Orange and Whiteness of Murphy sitting in his favourite chair.

Not quite Orange, Dilute Calico with Cream, but Dixie, from Alabama is welcome to be on my Orange World.
This nice Red Persian is called Fire and I am told she is a bit of a snob.
Red & White Van patterned Persian Top Gun is an acrobatic cat who can perform sumersalts!
Big Ben is a ‘striking’ Orange cat from Latvia. He is 8 years old now and an experienced show cat, having won many prizes

Victor is a very relaxed Orange & White seen here in his favourite pose.
Nathaniel, the Sand Cat may not be Orange, but he is carved on the fine white sand of Orange beach in the illustrious State of Alabama.


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