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Come on all you Reds, Oranges, Gingers and Tortoiseshells this page is just for you. Being a bright Orange cat myself I am very interested in the promotion of all cats that share my beautiful colour so if you send me your photograph I will include it in the Orange Box.
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This is Teddy, the brother of Trummis, who is on Orange Box V. Another great Orange cat.
Bella is the name of this cute Calico kitten. She is originally  from Norway, but now Bella lives in the somewhat warmer climate of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands.

Candy Floss is a delightful little Calico Persian Kitten.

This is Amber the Red Exotic cat.  She likes to drink drips of water from a dripping tap.

Two week old Oranges!   These are Trummis’ kittens, from the Canary Islands.  See Trummis on Orange Box 5.

Here is a close up of one of the Trummis kittens.

This is the Caliconess of Suity, the cat from Holland. I really like the colour of her cushion - nice and orange.

Here is another Calico, Vantee's Madison of Cashmirkitns. She is a Texan ‘cutie pie’.

Charming Cali is a Calico cat from Florida. 

This is not a cat!  Chilly Willy is a parrot and has a very nice Yellow head and some Red on his wing.  Chilly Willy also tells me he has Orange under his wings.

This is Jazzabelle and she loves to have her photograph taken.

Samson the Persian and Kimba the Flamepoint Himalayan are from Australia.  These two magnificent cats live as far from me as it is possible to get.


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