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Come on all you Reds, Oranges, Gingers and Tortoiseshells this page is just for you. Being a bright Orange cat myself I am very interested in the promotion of all cats that share my beautiful colour so if you send me your photograph I will include it in the Orange Box.
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Neffy is a very literate cat, she loves to read and only drinks from water taps.

This Ginger is called Arnold. He is named after actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

They seek him here, they seek him there . . . Percy - Prillister Pimpernel.

Perky Temptress is a nice Calico like cousin Dana.

Boujour!  Profecii’s Syrah Of Arrow is an Exotic who was born in France.  Now he lives in Portland, Oregon and love to play in his backyard.  Incidentally, he was named after a red wine called Syrah.

Tweed is a Scottish Red Persian and he enjoys his tartan cat basket.

Autumn, is a longhair Exotic cat from Scotland and she gives her family lots of pleasure.

This is a very old picture of Beauty the Short-hair Calico.  She used to live in what is now my house.  Look at the Mexican wallpaper!

This young Orange is named  Johnny Adams and he lives in Nebraska.

Here is a very nice picture of an Orange Angel Cat Over Saint Michael’s Mount.

The Orange cat in this painting is Paddy and he was painted by Colin Birchall.

Aslan, the Maine Coon is  seen here in a rather imperious pose.  Aslan is a Red & Silver cat and is slightly  clumsy.

This nice Orange Persian is Charbonnella Easter Parade. 

This is Molly the climbing Calico cat.  She lives with her friend Wusel, who is pictured below.

Here is Wusel and unlike Molly, he has his feet on the ground.  Molly and Wusel live near Düsseldorf in Germany.

Morris is a cat from Singapore, he was born in American and had a long journey to his new home via Hong Kong.  He loves to lick yogurt off of a spoon.

 Bagpuss, the most important, the most beautiful, the most magical - Blue Cream and White cat in the whole wide world.

Relaxing at the window is Mischa the Red Point Himalayan .  He  is eight years old and lives with Corrie van Geest and Stef Wijbenga in Dronten, Holland.


This magnificent Orange Persian is Yoshi and he lives in Germany.


Bourban is a nice Red Persian from Florida and he likes to play with anything!

Oscarbara Red Reio is a beautiful Orange Persian.  Do you think he looks like me?  Well he is my brother.
This is a California Orange from San Deigo. Kitten Riddle is still very young but I am sure he will grow to be a magnificent Orange Tom - Tom Riddle?

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