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Come on all you Reds, Oranges, Gingers and Tortoiseshells this page is just for you. Being a bright Orange cat myself I am very interested in the promotion of all cats that share my beautiful colour so if you send me your photograph I will include it in the Orange Box.
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Orlando is not Orange or Red or Yellow or Ginger, but a Marmalade cat. He got his name from the ‘Orlando the Marmalade Cat’ series of books written by Kathleen Hale.
This is a friend of Orlando and one of our senior Oranges, Charlie, who is 15 years old. Charlie is a cultured cat who likes classical music and will accompany anyone who whistles to him. His favourite song is ‘The Skye Boat Song’.
Anona is a very interesting cat, not just because her name is the just same when spelt backwards, but because she is a Manx cat. You can’t see Anona’s tail in the picture can you? That’s because Manx cats don’t have tails!

This sleek looking Orange and White cat is called Roly. He is part Burmese and loves to purr.
Trummis is cat who lives on the island Tenerife in the Canary Islands. He enjoys the pleasant sub-tropical climate of the island. By the way, the Canary Islands are not named for the birds, but for dogs (Latin; canis).

This is Mac the Persian from New York State.

Aren’t they cute? This is Patches, the Calico cat with her son Simba. Both mother and son are proud Texans.

This sophisticated looking Orange and White Persian cat is called Elsa. She lives in Germany and obviously likes her home comforts.
These two Oranges are Burning Down The House and Sexbomb.
Reload, the Exotic kitten is playing with a plant. This is very good climbing training and eventually I am sure that Reload will start climbing real trees.
Here, Burning Down The House is enjoying a walk by a rock pool.
Phyllis Louise the Tortie cat is seen here yawning, sometimes being a cat can be very tiring.
Louis Phillipe L'Amour is the name of this cute Orange and White. What a super aristocratic name he has.

This Calico cat, is Gita and she is from Barcelona in Spain. Gita is owned by Dolors and Josep and when they take her out Gita walks on a leash.


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